“I'm always thrilled to perform with Magisterra Soloists with for its creative and inspirational musical endeavors, high standards of music making, and terrific fellows."

Daniel Sweaney

Magisterra Soloist offers a distinctive and fulfilling platform for young musicians to develop their skills. During my time as a fellow, I had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed musicians hailing from various parts of the globe, including members of the Pittsburgh Orchestra, Windsor Orchestra, and more. Together, we delved into chamber music, embracing a diverse range of repertoire and fostering a vibrant musical atmosphere. This experience proved invaluable in refining my musicianship and instrumental proficiency. Additionally, I was fortunate to embark on a remarkable tour with the ensemble in Brazil, immersing myself in a rich tapestry of culture and exploring an array of contemporary musical works. Concurrently, I had the opportunity to actively engage with the local community, further enriching my experience.

Jillian Yang, former Magisterra Fellow, violinist

London is so lucky to have an organization like Magisterra Soloists. I have attended numerous concerts and the performances are always first-class and unlike anything else that is offered in the city. It is wonderful to have the opportunity both to hear the world-class musicians who have been invited to play in London and to know that young, local talent has the opportunity to perform and share their craft with audience members of all ages. I am always impressed with the caliber of Magisterra's concerts and really appreciate the partnerships it has created throughout the city, especially with Museum London and with schools, sharing music with children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear chamber music. The work Magisterra does plays a key part in boosting London's reputation as a UNESCO City of Music.

Carol Dyck- past board president MSI

The experiences and education that Magisterra Fellowship offered not only guided me to become an international musician who blends well with all kinds of musical groups and communities but also developed me as an individual who constantly seeks for opportunities and overcomes any challenges on the way. The vibrant choices of repertoire and warm atmosphere Magisterra created in the community boosted my musical abilities and led me to see the world with creative
perspectives. Plus, collaborations with world-class musicians matured the depth of my musical understanding tremendously! Lastly, from performing in diverse types of venues from schools to concert halls exposed me to open and trained my ears to adjust in any situations to perform with upmost level of quality. I am currently working as a freelance musician in South Korea working and collaborating with more than dozens of ensembles and professional orchestras all thanks to the amazing experiences from Magisterra Soloists Fellowship program!

Kelvin Mun, violinist, former Magisterra Fellow

Joining the Magisterra Soloists was a particular highlight of my year: fantastic and unique programming, playing with world class musicians, and all of that in a beautiful setting. The audience was enthusiastic, interactive and communicative. London has something very special thanks to the incredible work of Annette-Barbara.

Tom Landschoot, cellist, Professor University of Arizona

Seven years later, I consider my time as a Magisterra Fellow as one of my most intense periods of growth as a musician. Working with such high-caliber musicians left a permanent mark on my musicianship and playing. I think it would have been impossible not to become a finer musician by their collective influence, whether in rehearsal or around the dinner table. The group’s passionate and energetic approach to music-making was contagious, and I have adopted it as my own. Not to
mention their commitment to the highest standards of excellence. I will forever be better for it.

Tyler Mäkinen, former Magisterra Fellow, lawyer

Magisterra Soloists is a cultural gem. Very few cities in North America can boast of a chamber ensemble of such high quality. Magisterra fills a much-needed place in the cultural crown of London and offers wonderful programs, outreach, and educational events for the public. It was a great privilege for me to be a part of one of the Museum London concerts. The musicians I worked with, and those heard throughout the season, are of the highest caliber. The repertoire choices for the season are exceptional. Under the artistic leadership and curation of Annette-Barbara Vogel, I know Magisterra will thrive for years to come.

Chad Burrow, clarinetist, Professor University of Michigan, Artistic Director Brightmusic, Oklahoma

"I love going to Magisterra's concerts! Magisterra Soloists International concerts offer Londoners a wonderful opportunity to hear unique chamber music repertoire performed by exceptional Canadian and international musicians."

Laura Brown, board member, audience

"I know I will always hear some music I've never heard before at a Magisterra Soloist concert. Their selection of interesting repertoire is expanding my understanding of chamber music."

Laura Brown, board member, audience

Magisterra is a major contributor of the magic of chamber and small ensemble classical music to the musical mosaic that has earned London Ontario the honour of being Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music. Magisterra is everywhere, thanks to the passion and talents of its founder and members. It reaches into the schools, opening the hearts and minds of youngsters to the wonder and fun of this music. It mentors youngsters of talent, plays in homes, halls and cultural centres like Museum London. It sponsors national and international tours for early-career musicians, to increase their performance ability and broaden their world view. It commissions works by up-and-coming composers and
resurrects little-known older works, such as those of Holocaust victims. Guest artists of international reputation are featured. Their musicality and heart have a profound effect. At a salon concert in our condo living room, the audience sat enraptured by their playing of Mendelssohn’s String Octet in E flat major, several with tears running down their cheeks. Music and musicians who can produce this response to great beauty, must be treasured.

Joan and Trevor Smith, patrons

"Working with the superb colleagues of Magisterra Soloists in major repertoire as well as little-known gems has been a remarkable part of my musical journey. Under the leadership of Annette-Barbara Vogel, the MS concerts are an uplifting part of the musical life of this area, and I am glad to have been a part of it."

Katerina Juraskova, cellist

It has been a great experience working with Magisterra over the past seven years. They performed the premiere of the string ensemble version of my violin concerto Sapling, with the solo part played wonderfully by ensemble leader and founder Annette-Barbara Vogel. Unlike many ensembles that play a new piece once and then move on to other repertoire, they performed it ten times throughout Ontario ad Quebec, and also brought it on tour to Brazil. This gave the ensemble time to really grow with the piece, and brought it to many new audiences. They have additionally given some great performances of my violin and piano piece Col. They are a wonderful ensemble, who gives great support to Canadian
composers, performing our works to a very high standard. They are worthy of any and all support we can give them.

Emily Doolittle, composer

I had the chance to meet the wonderful, internationally renowned violinist Annette-Barbara Vogel a few years ago, when she gave a superb masterclass to our students at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal in Canada, while she was on tour with her Magisterra Soloists throughout the Québec and Ontario Provinces. She invited me then to come to the concert she gave in Montréal during that time and I was simply mesmerized by the quality of that performance, which was so full of life, energy, passion,
authenticity and virtuosity, but also imbued with delicate musical sensitivity, expressed through a rich and refined palette of sound colours and textures. The concert was delivered by the musicians and received by the public with great joy and enthusiasm. I had thereafter several other occasions to witness memorable performances by Mrs. Vogel and her Magisterra Soloists, presenting a varied selection of contrasting repertory, including convincing and invigorated renditions of classic masterpieces, but also of lesser known works which deserve to be heard and discovered, as well as works by “living” composers, whose pieces got the great opportunity to be performed by the superb musicians of the Magisterra Soloists. So when Annette-Barbara Vogel offered me to have my piece “Fiesta!" performed by her and her colleagues, I felt very honoured and knew that my music would benefit highly from the great musicianship and experience of her group, which is able to adapt its playing style to a wide variety of musical languages and genres. The Magisterra Soloists Ensemble is an important artistic contributor to the local London ON and the general Canadian music scene and deserves all the support it can get
through governmental grants, companies, educational institutions and private donors. My experience with Mrs. Vogel and her ensemble can only be expressed in superlatives!

Helmut Lipsky, violinst, composer

Working with Magisterra Soloists and Annette-Barbara Vogel was an experience of deep collaboration from concept to performance. Magisterra drafted Russell Braun, one of Canada's top singers, for the commission and performance. To write for this vocal chamber ensemble was an incredible experience and allowed me the
freedom of rich storytelling between voice and strings. The performance brought out all the subtleties of dark and light and everything in between.
Special thanks to Magisterra Soloists and Annette-Barbara Vogel for commissioning Canadian composers and presenting our works in London, ON. We need leaders like this at the helm to help preserve, promote and sustain Canadian culture today.

Abigail Richardson-Schulte, Composer-in-Residence at Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra)

My work with Magisterra soloists was a very useful learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to workshop various compositional techniques and have them performed by a world class ensemble. They invited me to rehearsals and offered me advice on idiomatic violin writing, which is very useful for me (being myself a pianist). Overall the practical experience I gained from this was extremely valuable and also gave me insight on the workings of a professional ensemble. I was fortunate to be able to compose a
piece of music for Magisterra Soloists, and hope to do so again one day!

Edgar Suski, composer, pianist

In February 2016 I had the honor of being a guest artist of the Magisterra Soloists group for concerts in London, Canada. On this occasion, I realized the importance of the cultural and educational activity of the group, which strives for the high quality of its members. The tireless work of Artistic Director Annette-Barbara Vogel and the members of the ensemble have all my esteem.

Fernando Pereira, violist

"I first heard about Magisterra Soloists through an opportunity to record one of their concerts while I was a student in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe. I was so blown away by the musicianship and the experience of physically being there in person, that I gladly took on the role as the recording archivist for the remainder of the season. It's been nearly 7 years now with my role moving into the video and promotional side as well and I still am consistently impressed by the repertoire that is performed, the musicians that are featured from all over the world as well as the experience that one gets from attending live music of this calibre. I highly recommend these concerts to anyone who enjoys music, from a seasoned professional to a casual listener, you will leave with a memorable experience."

Mike Donaldson, Serenity Soundworks

"Working with the superb colleagues of Magisterra Soloists in major repertoire as well as little-known gems has been a remarkable part of my musical journey. Under the leadership of Annette-Barbara Vogel, the MSI concerts are an uplifting part of the musical life of this area, and I am glad to have been a part of it."

I have had the pleasure of performing with Magisterra Soloists for two seasons. Being a part of such an esteemed group of musicians was one of my career highlights. Not only were my fellow musicians outstanding, but the compositions we performed were extraordinary. We were introduced to many works by Canadian and Canada-based contemporary composers. As a cellist, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to perform "Bloom" for solo cello,written by Dorothy Chang, an award-winning composer who is a  professor of music at the University of Columbia in Vancouver. Alongside these contemporary works, the standard chamber music literature was peppered into the mix so that every audience member could find their own favorite on the program. Museum London provides the perfect backdrop for Magisterra performances with its lovely music hall located in the heart of London. Magisterra is a gem that I believe London, Ontario can be supremely proud of!

Robin Hasenplug, cellist
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